Women Who Keep Facial Hair

Many women are able to grow a rather luxuriant mustache and goatee. But though you may see these features on very old women who truly couldn’t give a shit anymore, facial hair plus young women is an anomaly. Most women will not leave the home unless they’re waxed, threaded, lasered and stripped of every hair that could possibly offend the universe at large.

 Years ago I made a conscious decision to leave my arm hair alone no matter what I was wearing. When you have black hair that is clearly visible on a complexion such as mine, and you come from a culture where any hair on women (accept head, eyebrows and eyelashes) is considered gross then, yes, me not ‘taking care’ of my arms is an issue for too many. The shit I get for hairy arms, for barely (pun intended) going au naturelle, is hard enough but a woman wearing her facial hair is way up here when it comes to bravery: Balpreet Kaur you are an inspiration. Readers: would you be able to do this?

Balpreet’s photo was originally posted by a blogger in Reddit’s Funny category wondering ‘what the!!!!’ But Balpreet wrote back. And the blogger apologized because, really, why should a girl with a hairy face be funny? Good for you to apologize Reddit blogger because a woman with hair on her face is not funny anymore than a guy with no hair on his face.

On another note, I’m getting some flack for making a big deal about this issue when there are ‘more serious’ issues and real heroines such as Malala Yousafai. Malala is a marvel in so many respects but also because she is just so darn young at fourteen to be taking a stand against the Taliban. Balpreet Kaur may be older but whether it’s a Balpreet or a Malala, each is an inspiration in her own  own unique way for refusing to give in to societal expectations, patriarchy or an injustice. There are girls who couldn’t care less about anything other than what they weigh, what they look like, and whether they look cool or hot. Circumstances made Malala into who she is, and Balpreet chose to be brave: As far as I am concerned both equally deserve utmost respect.

(published October 2012)