The Writer’s Equation

Imagine you will never get published. Never ever ever. Or you will get published but get no attention. Will you still write?
And the answer is YES.

No matter how tired, weary, dying of despair, writers always say Yes. Because they are compelled to. Because the stories within them are desperate to get out. Because there are characters demanding to speak up. And the fact is, it is not the writing that is draining them but rather the struggle to get a book published. If you are writing a journal or something else purely for your eyes only, then the steps of just writing is enough because you alone are the reader and the audience you seek.

However for many tucked into must write and compelled to write is also the desire for readers. As The End looks near so does the excitement at finally being ready to share your words, your vision, your creation, your work: suddenly you are googling ‘how to write a query letter’ or ‘what is a synopsis’. Because you want to entertain other with your words and/or because this piece you have written contains a creative explanation for the vagaries of life and might give solace to some reader somewhere.
This desire to share your creation then is the publishing bug and a very valid part of the Writer’s Dream. It is also the end result of the Writer Equation:

Writing + Revising + Submitting = Publishing

I know so many writers who write and then don’t revise. Many others revise and then stall on submitting. Or don’t submit at all. Stories and novels and essays and poems sit in drawers and laptops forever. I’m sure you can think of at least one piece of your work languishing away for lack of being sent out. If there’s one guarantee you have in writing it is that if you don’t submit you will not get published. Of course there is no guarantee that if you do submit you will get published but when you submit your chances have suddenly improved from 0 to Maybe. Good Luck.