‘Hard Edged Brilliance’ A December 2007
Interview with Zulfiqar Ghose

Of Pakistani origin, Zulfiqar Ghose is one of the first novelist and poet to be published internationally to great acclaim, however, at age 73 the prolific Ghose finds his work going unpublished and his literary agent telling him ‘If you were a 27 year old beautiful woman, I could easily sell your first novel. But for a man…writing his umpteenth novel, forget it!’ Ghose is not yet disenchanted by the publishing industry, but I’m quite upset on behalf of all 27 year olds with unpublished books in tow who, while meeting the specified age, fail to be beautiful too…

From the interview conducted by Asif Farrukhi for Dawn newspaper:
I am not disenchanted with publishing. My last novel The Triple Mirrors of the Self came out in 1992. It was a complete flop. I had thought that it was my most ambitious novel, but it was not even reviewed. It sold about 200 copies in the London edition. My publishers were supportive. They pushed it and tried to revive it by bringing out a paperback edition.

When a book dies this way, it becomes public knowledge. The novels I have written since then are with my agent and nobody is reading them. An American publisher looked at Triple Mirrors and said that it is too good to be published. The British publisher told me, Zulfi you know what your problem is? You don’t write badly enough!’ So what am I supposed to do, he muses questioningly.