Short Story: Jelly Beans

Chicago Quarterly Review Vol. 24: The South Asian American Issue

Short story: The Party Giver

The Mongrel Book of Voices, Volume I: Breakups

Through the Wilderness-Essay

“Soniah Kamal captures what is strikingly consistent – our moments of discovery: “We were three excited girls perched on the edge of a green velvet sofa, waiting for a cassette to rewind, not knowing that when the world changes, this is how it happens, in ordinary living rooms on ordinary afternoons.” Used Furniture Review

Forthcoming “Are You There Allah? It’s me Soniah”-Essay

“Soniah Kamal’s writing is smart, smooth and sweet. I love her ability to capture a moment, and I know that we are going to be seeing a lot more beautiful work from her in the future.” editor E. K. Anderson

Runaway Truck Ramp-Short Story

“Soniah Kamal’s Runaway Truck Ramp-Short Story is spectacular. The alert, acrid and very funny short story probes diametrically opposed notions of freedom and ‘maleness’ through the sheer physicality of a one-night stand between an American woman and a Pakistani man” The Daily Star

The Breast- short story

“Soniah Kamal is a very talented writer, one who reaches the heights of creativity in this allegory. Smart, captivating and well-written, this short parable is certainly one of the best stories in this grouping, and the twist at the end just makes it more gripping.” Dawn

Runaway Truck Ramp-Short Story

“Soniah Kamal’s Runaway Truck Ramp-Short Story is a standout story for openly tackling the quintessential Pakistani taboo subject: sex. Her approach is both clever and candid.” Newsline

Sugar Mule Literary Magazine #43 Special South Asian Issue

Soniah Kamal – Curator and Editor

Memoir, fiction & poetry. 47 writers. Bangladesh. Pakistan. India. Sri Lanka.

No Place Like Home: Borders, Boundaries and Identity in South Asia And Diaspora. 

Hairy Potter: Collected Columns

The best of Soniah’s weekly social satire column in the Sunday Daily Times newspaper (2002-2004)

Papa’s Girl- Short Story

“Soniah Kamal’s story “Papa’s Girl’ is a brilliant piece about obsessive sexuality.” The Hindu

Darning Blue Sky- Short Story

“Darning Blue Sky is a layered story, culturally distinct but also broadly relevant, it is braced by pride and tenderness, the truest facets of feminism.” editor Rachel Nix

Darning Blue Sky

Forthcoming Nothing But the Truth: All the Women in My Family Sing: 2017 Women of Color Anthology

Editor Deborah Santana

The Fall – Essay

Living 9/11 in Pakistan and America

Face This Face- Poem