Short Fiction

Jelly Beans

Chicago Quarterly Review Vol. 24: The South Asian American Issue

When Jamal betrays his elderly parents, they have to decide whether home is Pakistan or America.

Selected for the 2017 Best of South Asian Fiction Anthology

The Party Giver

The Normal School
(originally published in Femina India)

It was supposed to be just another party.
But it changed their lives.

Finalist for the Sequestrum Editor’s Reprint Award

The Breast 

The Missing Slate
(originally published in
the anthology
Neither Night Nor Day)

After the ultimate betrayal, the
tribunal is thirsty for justice

“Soniah Kamal is a very talented writer, one who reaches the heights of creativity in this allegory.” Dawn

@Selfie #Selfie 

Akashic Thursdaze

When she starts to take selfies, she starts to see her partner’s true face.

In Any Case

Sugar Mule

I’m innocent: A bear writes a letter to the zoo newspaper.

Darning Blue Sky 

(originally published in Chowrangi)

A daughter discovers why her mother hates her father

The Family Dinner 

Another Subcontinent

One woman is tested when an unlikely friendship develops across class and race.

Italian translation in El Ghibli

In The Beginning

Will rape be eradicated if society makes all the women wear burqas? Leela is about to find out.

(from Hairy Potter: Collected Column)

Face This Face 

I never slapped anyone else
no matter what
face they saw in this face
my face

Papa’s Girl 

 The Talus Review

On the eve of his wedding, a man faces the consequences of a long ago trip to Bangkok.

“Soniah Kamal’s story “Papa’s Girl’ is a brilliant piece about obsessive sexuality.” The Hindu