Plating Memory

companion essay to ‘The Face of Miscarriage” NYT essay.


–The New York Times

Literary Landscapes:
Tourist versus Resident



How to Host a Book Club with Austen’s Six Novels.




The Many Options for Rewriting a Classic



Pride, prejudice and parathas



Write Up on Radical Muslim Short Stories.


— National Book Critics Circle

Chai and Me


— Antiserious

The Face of Miscarriage.


— The New York Times



Pushcart Prize Nominee

— The Missing Slate

“Soniah Kamal’s raw, personal narrative of distance and the pain of separation weaves in and out of memories and history, ending poignantly at 9/11. Soniah’s story does what short nonfiction does so well, putting the reality of an individual experience in the context of world events.”
Constance A. Dunn, The Missing Slate Editor

How I Got Here


— The Guardian

Good Muslim Girls Don’t Propose- But I Did
(originally printed in Bengal Lights)

— Buzzfeed

When My Authentic is Your Exotic 

— The Literary Hub

50 Novels By Women Writers On Conflict, Displacement And Resilience

— Huffington Post

The Reluctant Writer

— Catapult

Payton James Freeman Essay Prize– “The Reluctant Writer is an excellent essay worthy of honorable mention'” Judge Emily Rapp,
NYT bestselling essayist.

VELA Pick for Women We Read “Kamal’s essay is a meditation on family obligations, independence and opportunity. She lingers on the difficulty of compromising your dreams.”

Girls from Good Families Do Not Write Sex Stories

— The Butter. Editor Roxane Gay (reprinted in

Longreads Recommended Read “Soniah Kamal dared to read—and then write—literature considered explicit by conservative Muslim society. The backlash was intense.”

Kashmir Calling  

— Sugar Mule Literary Magazine

”Soniah Kamal focuses on the “weight of memories,” on the burden of carrying family stories with you as you remember the moments of happiness along with the times of grief and loss. Fearlessly honest in cultural translations between East and West, Kamal, for instance, amusingly compares the guttural sound of her grandfather’s chanted prayers to ‘gargling his soul'” Minerva Rising Literary Journal

Us and Them: Class in Downton Abbey

A Tale of Two Cities, Honor Killings and Honor Humiliations

— xojane

Malcolm Gladwell: Wives Who Pay the Bills (and Late Bloomersversus Prodigies)

Literary Agents, Credibility and Off the Record

How to Make a Book Trailer

— She Writes

Literary Prizes: What Are They Worth

The Writer’s Equation

Should Writers Have Kids?

Envy & Jealousy: The Writer’s heart.

Marriott Hotel. 2004. 2007. 2008

Election 2008 Results – Pakistan
returns to that Elusive Democratic
Learning Curve

— Pak Tea House

I Have  a Dream, President Obama

African-American Women Writers Book Club  Anniversary

— ArtsATL

The Fall 

Living 9/11 in Pakistan and America

Would You Forgive Your Parents?

Should You Always Lie About Your Age?

Women Who Keep Facial Hair

Such a Nice Face: Too bad about the rest of you

Through the Wilderness

“Soniah Kamal captures what is strikingly consistent – our moments of discovery: “We were three excited girls perched on the edge of a green velvet sofa, waiting for a cassette to rewind, not knowing that when the world changes, this is how it happens, in ordinary living rooms on ordinary afternoons.” Used Furniture Review

The Death of Domestic Help


Honor: Fakhra Younas and Anusha

Forthcoming “Are You There Allah? It’s me Soniah”

“Soniah Kamal’s writing is smart, smooth and sweet. I love her ability to capture a moment, and I know that we are going to be seeing a lot more beautiful work from her in the future.” editor E. K. Anderson

God Revisited

— Pak Tea House


— Pak Tea House