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I Really Don’t Know How She Does It: Author Nicki Salcedo on time management


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my co-VP of Programs Anjali Enjeti, Kim Brown founder of the wonderful literary journal Minerva Rising, the forever inspiration Nicki Salcedio, and me

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my absolutely favorite Nickism and go to pep phrase!!

Author Nicki Salcedo has four kids. Yes. Four. All under the age of nine. Her debut novel All Beautiful Things just got published. She’s active in the local writers community and was past president of Georgia Romance Writers. She exercises everyday getting up ridiculously early to do so. Everyday. She takes care of her parents. The list of what Nicki does is never ending. If anytime the phrase ‘i don’t know how she does it…’ applies, it applies here because I really don’t know how she does it all. So Atlanta Writers Club invited Nicki as our December 2013 speaker to share her secrets to time management. Turns out, she does sleep and that the exercising (for now, boot camp) is part of taking care of herself because, like Nickie says, if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of anything else, including your writing. This really hit home because, I do think, if you let yourself go, then there goes your energy, motivation, and self discipline to write.  But back to square one which is, for me, four children– Feel free to give me the finger over the following but after having lived in the U.S. for so long, I am always uber impressed by mother-authors/author-mothers (and yes I do think the order of identity makes a difference…) for how they manage to write while taking care of children, often with no help at all, or very little help (hailing from Pakistan where 24- hr domestic help is so readily available, I truly KNOW what it is to bring up kids and be artistically creative in countries like those versus the U.S.). To find the physical energy kids require with the mental energy writing requires is a constant juggling act where balance needs to be constantly reexamined and found.  Nicki’s talk then was very timely given that December and January is the season of evaluation and resolution.  Thanks for accepting our invite to speak to AWC  Nicki and congratulations on

All Beautiful Things.    


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