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Thank You PSY for Teaching My Son How to Be a ***** Gentleman

PSY’s video for his new song ‘Gentleman’ is so offensive I’m not even going to link to it. His breakout video/song ‘Gangnum Style’ was quirky, catchy, and for all its bits of humping and pumping, not overtly sexual. This new video is not just ridiculously over-suggestive but mean spirited, especially towards women. PSY dances around popping open a bikini strap, making a girl fall off a treadmill, throwing his coat in a girl’s face, slipping a chair from under a girl (who also falls) etc…etc… and, through these and other mature, gentlemanly antics, PSY just titters and laughs.

I don’t think it’s funny. At all. At this point in time PSY’s reach is humungous and, accordingly, his influence huge. Especially with adolescent boys, an age group already prone to indulging in thoughtless pranks they think are cool and funny and will make them funny and cool.Far be it for me to suggest that PSY have made a video opposite to this where he’s helping people put. That would have made PSY unfunny and uncool not to mention that public service messages are not the responsibility of our stars and superstars.PSY is not evil, of course, and perhaps the lyrics to Gentleman are tongue in cheek (though I hope the chorus is saying ‘mother father gentleman’ and not what it sounded like the first time round) and I think it’s wonderful that my kids are excited to to listen to a song in a language they would not necessarily even know existed: But I don’t want them watching this video even once let alone be glued to Gentleman and watching its mean spirited pranks over and over again.Gangnum Style was great. We watched it together over and over again. We were glued.

But thanks a lot PSY. S**T like Gentleman makes it so much tougher for any parent to bring up true a ‘gentleman’ as well as to to teach the girls watching this that, if any guys treats you this way, not only is this guy not funny but he is not your friend and does not respect you.
Let me also add that PSY, through no fault of his own, is at the moment Korea (South) for a lot of people (yes, we are all representatives for the countries we come from whether we like it or not) and I will be telling my kids for sure that PSY’s video does not mean that Korean guys are like this.

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