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Finalist for Townsend Prize for Fiction 2020

Financial Times Readers Best Book of 2019

a New York Times Public Library 2019 Summer Read Pick

a NPR Code Switch 2019 Summer Read Pick 

a Georgia Center for the Book’s 2019 Pick for ‘Books All  Georgians Should Read.

Finalist for the PHS Reviewers Choice Awards 2019

PEOPLE MAGAZINE PICK This reinventive  retelling charms

NPR    Both a fun, page-turning romp and a thought-provoking look at the class-obsessed strata of Pakistani society

BOOK BUB A Best Book of 2019 so far


AUDIOFILE  Soniah Kamal delivers a passionate and jovial narration

LIBRARY READS    A January Top Ten Book Pick Voted by U.S. Librarians 2019

 BUSTLE One of the most anticipated reads for 2019

PARADE  Recommended Big Fiction Read for Book Clubs   

SOUTHERN LIVING  a perfect beach read

READ IT FORWARD Anticipated Read 2019 & A Favorite January Read

GOODREADS Anticipated Literary Reads for Readers of Color 2019





NEW YORK POST  A Best Book of the Week Pick 

BOOKISH Must-Read Romance 2019

BUSTLE   The Romance You Have to Read

HEAT MAGAZINE  Unmarriageable is the Funny One 

BARNES AND NOBLES  Staff Recommendation, Alderwood WA

HELLO GIGGLES A Best New Book of The Week


ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION One of the 10 Southern Books We Want to Read in 2019


CULTURE HONEY A brilliant rendering of Austen’s masterpiece

NPR    Both a fun, page-turning romp and a thought-provoking look at the class-obsessed strata of Pakistani society

PEOPLE MAGAZINE   This Inventive Retelling Charms

PUBLISHERS WEEKLY Starred Review A funny, sometimes romantic, often thought-provoking glimpse into Pakistani culture, one which adroitly illustrates the double standards women face when navigating sex, love, and marriage. This is a must-read for devout Austenites.

LIBRARY JOURNAL Starred Review  Pride and Prejudice in Pakistan may seem like an unusual pairing to some, but the rich cultural backdrop only enhances and breathes new life into Jane Austen’s classic. Kamal boldly embraces this treasured love story, creating a version solely her own.

AUSTENPROSE, editor Laurel Ann Nattress A witty, razor sharp view of Pakistani culture paralleling JAne Austen’s Regency-era, Unmarriageable is the Pride and Prejudice retelling of my dreams.

STAR TRIBUNE  Unmarriageable does in words what Gurinder Chadha did in film with “Bride and Prejudice”

ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION Kamal’s resplendent second novel embraces and builds upon its predecessor in such a fresh way that a new class of “P&P” lovers will likely be born

NEW YORK JOURNAL OF BOOKS  Insightful…Smart…A witty delight that will leave you wish for more

ASIAN IMAGE   A Must Read. This sumptuous book is refreshingly relatable to young Asian women today

ELLE   Delightful retelling of Jane Austen’s classic. You’ll tear through it.

BOOKBROWSE  Told with wry wit and colorful prose, Unmarriageable is a charming update on Jane Austen’s beloved novel and an exhilarating exploration of love, marriage, class, and sisterhood.

WASHINGTON REVIEW Of BOOKS Thoughtful and whip-smart, Unmarriageable reinforces the timelessness of Austen’s classic while spinning a lively, complex story that makes for perfect winter-weekend reading

THE DAILY VOX  The perfect Pride and Prejudice retelling

NEW ADULTING   “Classic in its literary style, simple in its storytelling, detail-oriented and specific in its ascription of femininity, Kamal’s Unmarriageable brings Austen to those who aren’t fans of older English literature but are hungry for a reimagined canon.”

KIRKUS REVIEWS “Kamal’s version of the classic novel highlights issues of colonialism, race, and Pakistani identity. Her insights are pointed and smart. Put your feet up and enjoy. It’s a delicious book.”

BOOKLIST  This love letter to Austen reexamines sisterhood, society, and marriage in Pakistani culture and includes a fleshed-out epilogue that will satisfy today’s readers.”  

NEW YORK POST  Thoroughly Charms

BOOK CORNER The rich cultural backdrop of modern-day Pakistan breathes new life into Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice.” An Austen fan herself, Kamal remains faithful to the original story while dazzling readers with a humorous and entertaining update of a beloved classic (meaning this is one you’ll actually love).

KAT IN THE LIBRARY  We can all agree that it is rare for a reboot to rival the original. But in this world, where #MeToo and #WeNeedDiverseBooks live, I have found you a single novel that can be a gateway drug to fine literature, world literature, and women’s literature. Unmarriageable is indeed “Pride and Prejudice in Pakistan”…more importantly, it is the version of Pride and Prejudice modern students NEED to read.” 

A CUP OF TEA WITH THAT BOOK PLEASE  Finally an Austen adaptation we can be proud of. Kamal captures the Austen magic that we long for in our Austen retellings. But, even without the Austen characteristic  this is one enjoyable read that can stand on its own feet

KHABAR MAGAZINE  Unmarriageable is a delightful, searching novel with a postmodern and postcolonial sensibility

JASMINE GUILLORY, USA Today bestselling author of  The Wedding Date  “Unmarriageable is a joy to read! It transforms a familiar story into something new and fresh and different, but keeps all of the warmth and intelligence of the original. I loved everything about these characters and spending time in their world.

DEVONEY LOOSER, author of The Making of Jane Austen “A brilliant fictional homage to Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, reimagined in 21st-century Pakistan, Unmarriageable offers an incisive, loving look at the society it puts under the microscope. Kamal’s splendid novel is not only light, bright, and sparkling. It’s sassy, direct, sharp, and funny.”

VANESSA HUA, author of A River of Stars“Charming and insightful, Soniah Kamal’s Unmarriageable connects the concerns of women across time and cultures in this delightful debut.”

V. V. GANESHANANTHAN, author of Love Marriage “An addictively smart, funny, genuinely modern novel that amplifies Austen’s feminism for our times, while brilliantly calling Eurocentrism on the carpet. Unmarriageable is a total delight! Once I had opened it, I really couldn’t put it down. I snuck it everywhere with me when I was supposed to be reading other things.”

JENNIFER BROWN, author of Modern Girls  “Kamal’s Unmarriageable is a witty and clever update on Pride and Prejudice, setting familiar characters in a modern-day Pakistan. While the plot is straight out of Austen, the change of scene and time period makes for a fresh and feminist spin on the story. Even if you’ve memorized the original, the romance between Alys Binat and Valentine Darcy will still sweep you into its magic, and the glimpse into Pakistani culture (and food! Oh the food!) makes this book a delight.” 

COLLEEN OAKLEY, author of Before I Go and Close Enough to Touch “It’s rare for a retelling of a well-known story to be so surprising, so delightful, so gripping— but Unmarriageable is undeniably all three. I inhaled this book in two days. Not only is it sharply funny, but it gently reminds us that the issues facing modern women transcend time and culture. I can’t wait to see what Kamal writes next.”

LAUREN GERSHELL, author of That’s What Frenemies Are For “I loved Unmarriageable. A new take on Pride and Prejudice, set in early 2000s Pakistan, I was immediately mesmerized. Kamal’s descriptions are vibrantly rich and charming, and her characters beautifully developed (there are a huge number of characters to keep track of, so this is quite an achievement). I was particularly taken with how funny (in incredibly funny ways) the book was, which was completely unexpected. Unmarriageable was an utter delight to read- the perfect novel for when one wants something fun and light yet literary and smart.” 

FALGUNI KOTHARI, author of The Object of Your Affections  “The beauty of Unmarriageable is that every character is at once familiar and yet wonderfully brand new in their Pakistani garb. It’s like bumping into long-lost friends at a party and sitting down to catch up, marveling at all the changes the years have wrought and yet delighting in their familiarity”

THRITY UMRIGAR, bestselling author of The Space Between Us “An irreverent, witty, imaginative novel that is part homage and part interrogation of Jane Austen’s classic.  Austen herself would have enjoyed Kamal’s deft retelling of her novel, while sipping a cup of chai.”

JENNIFER TARHEEL READER  “If you are a Pride and Prejudice fan, don’t miss this one. If you aren’t, don’t miss this one. If you are a fan of diverse, multi-cultural reads, don’t miss this one. Moreover, if you are a fan of impeccable storytelling, Unmarriageable is a book not to be missed! Unmarriageable is a smart, evocative retelling of a classic that reads just like a modern classic. Everything about the story is perfection, intriguing, and completely enthralling. It was enjoyable and engaging from start to finish and receives my highest recommendation.”

FORBES “Endearing… Kamal’s story seems to have all the ingredients that make Pride and Prejudice’s re-telling an exciting, dramatic and fun South Asian adaptation complete with big, fat desi weddings, modern Pakistani women,affluent bachelors and the unrelenting quest for love.”

AMULYA MALLADI, bestselling author of The Copenhagen Affair” A delicious retelling of Pride & Prejudice! Instead of “high tea” with finger sandwiches, we have “high chai” with samosas and chicken patties. Soniah Kamal opens up the drawing rooms of the South East, where women wear Gucci and Qazi but the prize is still a ring on the finger and a man’s arm to hang onto. Unmarriageable is a joyride where you meet all the lovable Austen characters with a Pakistani twist, drawing on universal themes of love, passion and the healing nature of tea.”

SJ SINDU, author of Marriage of A Thousand Lies Unmarriageable is a rollicking good ride. The opulent landscape of Pakistan’s moneyed (and unmoneyed) social elite is exactly the kind of modern update Pride and Prejudice needs. This is one of those books that are hard to put down.”